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Tipper Hire

BPH Brancatella Plant hire can supply you with a wide range of wet hire Tippers in the shortest possible time.

We can supply a Truck to service all your needs in Brisbane, Regional and Remote areas of Queensland, from hourly hire jobs to large tenders and contracts.

We can also provide the service of carting and disposal of any material on a contract rate,  please call our estimators to discuss.

Available for Wet Hire

  • 3M Tipper
  • 4M Tippers
  • 6M Tippers
  • 10M Tippers
  • 12M Tippers
  • Semi Tippers
  • Truck & Quads
  • Truck & Dogs


At BPH Brancatella Plant Hire our Tipper fleet offers a range of different trays either High Side or Low Side, Steel and Rock lined Bins.

Reliable & Proficient Tipper Operators

At BPH Brancatella Plant Hire we pride ourselves on supplying not only the best regularly serviced equipment but the most reliable and proficient operators for your job!

Whatever your needs are, here at BPH Brancatella Plant Hire, we offer our clients over 40 years experience and knowledge in the industry and we know how to get the job done!

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